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August, 2020 we currently have five puppies available. One boy & four girls from Rizzo (2 girls - DOB 7/22/2020) and Pinkie (3 boys and 2 girls - DOB 7/19/2020). Email us at for availability. Currently two Pinkie pups are already reserved.

Rat Terrier Tile - D179

Please visit the RD Ranch Barn Sale and Gift Shop online store. We carry a beautiful line of handcrafted animal tiles including the Rat Terrier as well as a full line of Cetacea pet supplies, books, dvd's, Schylling retro toys, Milky Way soap molds, Brecks fishing lures (Williams, Mooselook, Savant, and Lake Clear Wabblers) and many other items. The items we carry are quality items that we use in our home, barn, or while hunting or fishing.

These photos are of previous puppies from the RD Ranch. The photos were provided by the new owners.

"Just wanted to give you an update on Bella i adopted her in March, 2005 We love her and she has brought so much fun to our first Rat Terrier Zoe, she is back and white and Bella the one i got from you is brown and white."
Joleen Jacobs

"Sadie is growing fast. She has become bestfriends with our kitten Sierra. The are joined at the hip. The cat is now acting like a dog! We love Sadie to death and of course is spoiled rotten."
Leslie Nicolaysen
2008 pup from Zoey & Rippy

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new pup. We've officially named her Jessi Ann Doodle. Jessi Ann when she's in
trouble and Jessi Doodle when she's happy. She has adjusted wonderfully.
Everyone is adjusting as well. Jessi loves the cat & he lets her crawl all over him. We catch him trying to get her to bark & play with him. When she gets too rough he jumps to a safe spot. Nicki & Jessi are buds. Nicki lets Jessi know when she's had enough of her crawling on her and biting her.
Tasha the big dog is doing well too. They play some but I'm not sure Jessi understands Tashas playing and doesn't play as rough with her. Jessi is very smart and is learning all the "rules". We get a big kick out of her and her ratitude."

Tim & Janene Butler

Easily this is the most photographed dog of our puppies judging from the number of photos we get of Pixie Plant. Here she is seen with one of her many blankets.

Pixie and her human family.

2004 puppy from Shawnee & Gunny

"Pixie has a very large vocabulary! Isn't she the cutest?! She never ceases to amaze us!"

Margie, Jimmy, Jesse & Vincent

Turbo & Brady - Wilton, CA
Turbo is the son of our Lacey Lady Bug. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.


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