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The following links are links that we found to be of interest. They deal with a variety of subjects.
If you have a link you find is of interest, please email me at and I will add it to my list.

General Information

Goat Facts (from ADGA website)

Pygmy Goats

NPGA Pygmy color chart
NPGA Pygmy Goat Breed Standard

Pygmy Goat Anatomy (from NPGA website)
Pygmy Goat Gestation Calendar
(from NPGA website)
Pygmy Normal Values (from NPGA website)

Nubian Goats

Nubian Breed Standards (from ADGA website)


Vaccinating For Clostridia (from Memo)

First Aid

Goat First Aid (from NPGA website)
Goat Medicine Chest (from Memo)

General Health

Hydration & Nutrition Basic to Treating Sick Goats (from Memo - Summer 2007)

Hoof Trimming

Goat Hoof trimming (from NPGA website)


Mastitis & Uneven Udders (from Dairy Goat Journal - May 07)


Parasites in goats (from NPGA website)


Goat playgrounds (from NPGA website)

Pneumonia in Goats

Pneumonia in goats (from NPGA website)

Ruminant Stomach

Ruminant Stomach (from NPGA website)
Stomach Tubing Goats (Memo - Summer 2007)

Showing Goats

Clipping Tips (from Dairy Goat Journal - May 2002)
Show Ring Etiquette (from Memo)


Vitamin-Mineral Supplement (from NPGA website)
B Vitamin (from Memo - Summer 2007)

Tattooing Goats

Tattoo Letters for Pygmy and Nubians (from NPGA website)
Tattooing Tips (from ADGA website)


Goat Teats (from NPGA website)

Urinary Calculi

Urinary Calculi article from Colorado State University
Urinary Calculi (from NPGA website)
Urinary Calculi (from Memo)

Goat Links:  

Nubian Goats
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Goats for sale
Goat Information Links 
Goat Medical Information
Goat Photo Album (photos provided by new owners) 

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