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I have had many inquiries from prospective parents all over the United States.  Yes we can ship one of our animals to you. I DO NOT ship other peoples animals - only my own. However I have provided the following information for my potential buyers as well as anyone else needing to ship an animal.

Air travel is the quickest way to get almost anywhere. Some airlines, such as American Airlines, restrict breeds they consider potentially aggressive. Some airlines, such as American Airlines, requires owners of brachycephalic breeds to sign a release accepting risk for mishaps. The airline does not take responsilibilty for transporting these breeds because they are at risk for having difficulty breathing on flights. Releases are required for 19 breeds, including the American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Chow Chow, Dutch Pug, Japanes Spaniel and Shih Tsu.

Each airline has different policies for shipping pets. Most airlines have temperature regulations in which dogs are not allowed to fly when it is extremely hot or cold. Airlines generally set regulations regarding kennels or crates used to transport dogs. A crate must be large enough for a dog to stand up and turn around. Soft-side crates can be used for dogs that fly in the cabin. For dogs flying as cargo, wire crates usually are not allowed, and those made of solid metal or fiberglass crates are preferred. Flight crates can be bought from pet stores, mass merchandisers (such as WalMart) or from the airline itself.

Most airlines allow no more than two dogs per flight. Alaska Airlines will allow two in the cabin section, as long as there are two passengers and the dogs fit in a small kennel under the seat in front of you, and a total of two dogs per flight are allowed in the cargo compartment.

Health certificates signed by a veterinarian within 10 days of the flight are required. A puppy must be at least 8 weeks old to fly, and weaned for at least five days before traveling.

When shipping, we feed the animal before it leaves our house. The drive to the airport from our house is approximate 1 1/2 hours. Usually, the animal will have "let loose" of any bodily waste enroute to the airport. We remove the towel from the crate upon arrival at the airport. Another clean towel is put into the crate. Under the towels is a layer of newspaper.

Water: The crate has a water cup that has been filled half full with water and frozen. This is placed in the crate once it arrives at the airport. The animal is given fresh water upon arrival at the airport.

Food: Food is required to be provided with the crate but instructions are given to the airlines to NOT feed the animal unless the flight is delayed for some unexpected reason . We have safely shipped many dogs and kittens that have arrived at their destination a little hungry but without a crate full of unwanted stuff.

When calling the airlines you will need to know the airport the animal will be departing from as well as the destination airport. Sacramento International Airport is the airport that we ship from. 

If you are interested in having a dog, cat or goat shipped to you, I suggest you call the airlines to determine the cost involved to ship to you.  In June 2002 I was quoted the following prices from the airlines we have used for shipping:


Please understand that I will NOT ship any animal if the flight will not be accomplished in one day.  This is a consideration that must be considered on determining which airlines you want me to use. 

It is your responsibility to be there to meet the airplane upon arrival. DO NOT be late. Immediately, offer the animal water and an opportunity to use the facilities if he/she needs to (cats should not be taken out of the crate until safely home). Additionally, you should offer them a little food.

A phone call to me is required to let me know that the animal has arrived safe and sound.

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