The Mesa College Youth Conservation Corps program was a federal program. The program was a five-day work activity with the majority of the work projects being conducted on the Grand Mesa.

It was a great program and I enjoyed it immensely. Recently I was viewing old photo albums and came across these photos. I wondered were everyone was at and thought it would be neat to make contact with my old crew mates. To accomplish this, I created this website. I am hoping that I will find others or they will find me as a result of this site. I would love to add more photos if anyone has any and post communications from others.

We created a Facebook page and several of us have joined. Haven't found them all. Hopefully they find us.

The letter that started it all. We all had to apply for the positions and once chosen had to have a physical fitness test.


Kenneth Doug Baldwin, Grand Junction
Trent W. Charlesworth, Palisade
Dan W. Dorr, DeBeque
Chad W. Fickas, Grand Junction
Shawn D. Gilbreath, Austin
Robert Harmon, Grand Junction
Kenneth M. Hatcher, Clifton
Dale A Mitchell, Grand Junction
Mike L Page, Collbran
Glen R. Petterson, Fruita
Brent G. Sutton, DeBeque
Michael Jo Watkins, Fruita
Michael G. Wood, Eckert
Allan Miles, Grand Junction
Jim Brown
Paul Clark
Dwayne & Brian Rich
Skipper Levi Drake
Louis Ortego


Denise Ament, Cedaredge
Teresa J. Canavan, Montrose
Linda D. Connelly, Grand Junction
Nannette Fisher, Grand Junction
Jackie K. Gallup, Delta
Siena D. Haddaen, Clifton
Donna Lee Meryhew, DeBeque
Valerie Lynne Noatano, Grand Junction
Deanne D. Morrison, Loma
Denise D. Phillips, Grand Junction
Lorraine Schaeffer, Rifle
Janice Stadelman, Grand Junction
Diane M. Sutton, DeBeque
Sandra Martin, Grand Junction
Valorie Leeson, Clifton
Brenda Lee Morrison, Loma

Crew Leaders:

Leonard Simmons
Clarence Ross
Diane Macek
Nancy Starkey

Diane Sutton & other corpsmember. I don't recall her name.

Sandra Martin, Diane Sutton and other corpsmembers

Diane Sutton and other corpsmember

Sandra Martin

Skipper Drake & Deanne Morrison

Sandra Martin

Mosquitos were so bad on the Grand Mesa that we often ate in the vans. Food was brought to us.

Skipper Drake, Deanne Morrison. We were returning from the Grand Mesa to Grand Junction to the Mesa College dorms.

We spent two nights a week up on the Grand Mesa and three nights at the Mesa College Dorms.

Crewleader Nancy.

Crewleader Leonard Simmons.

Leonard was the favorite crewleader. He spent more time with us than the other 3 combined. He was a great friend and role model. I was lucky enough to be on his crew.

After work activities. Football.

Leonard at our morning rondezvous point. This was the forest office where we got our assignments and tools needed.

Lorraine Schaeffer. Lorraine was terminated from the program for being out past curfew. She took the high school exit exam and started college (Mesa College) a year early.

Doc (?) and Nancy. Doc taught us the environmental awareness classes.

Siena Haddaen

Meal time.

Crewleaders Nancy & Clarence

One of our projects. We cleared timber from all around the lake.

One of our first projects was to put in all these rock cages.

My grandmother taking a picture of the site.

Deanne Morrison at the project.

Leonard Simmons - basketball game

Brenda Morrison

Brent Sutton (brother to Diane Sutton). Nice Brent!

Deanne Morrison & other corpsmember.

Gary & Lavern Britton - Dorm monitors

Donna Lee Meryhew

We had a dance.

Shawn Gilbreath & Siena Haddaen

Gary & Lavern Britton
If you were a member of the 1979 Mesa College Youth Conservation Corps, please email me at I would love to hear from you. My plans are to put together more memories of that wonderful summer. We worked hard and played hard. It was great.

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