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Our Customer Fishing Photos

Joe Petska caught this one on a Blue Williams Wabler

Wiliams Wabler, Electric Blue

16 lb. 4 oz Pike caught on 9/20/05 using a Williams Wabler, Electric Blue
I caught the fish on Upper Whitefish Lake in Pine River, Minnesota.
Joe Petska
Tucson, Arizona

Thanks to Joe for sharing. Joe was one of our first fishing lure customers. We are glad the lure was so successful for him.


Fred Ecclestone caught this beauty on a Williams Wabler Half & Half Mirror on a fly-in Northern Pike fishing trip near Hornepayne, Ontario.

"I first started fishing with a Williams Wabler when I was only a lad at my grandmothers cottage on Manitoulin Island, Ontario some 40 years ago. My fishing partner & I caught 98% of our fish on Wablers during this trip. It's simply a great lure."
Fred Ecclestone
South Lyon, Michigan

Thanks for sharing Fred and thanks for being patient with me on getting this posted.

Richard Dain (husband of this store owner)

Using Mooselook Wobblers, he caught this nice group of Browns, Rainbows and Kokonee at Bowman Reservoir in California. He predominantly used Gold, Silver and Copper. This is by far our favorite lure.

Richard Dain at Donner Lake in California

This beautiful Mackinaw was caught on a Mooselook Wobbler. We troll at a speed that gives the lure a nice action. We troll with a leadcore on a large reel. We have had a couple smart comments from other fisherman about the size of our equipment asking if we are trolling for shark. They aren't laughing when we come back in with the best catch of the day.

Perry Pappas

Perry Pappas - 2010 - W50EB

This summer has been a great one for laketrout fishing.  I caught lots of laketrout all summer using “old faithful” a blue and silver W50 Williams Wabbler.  This lure not only consistently produces lots of action in the summer, I also use it exclusively for jigging for laketrout through the ice in the winter.  I have used a lot of different spoons, nothing touches this one.  This picture is of my sons first laketrout, a 6 pounder, caught in Lake Rosseau, Ontario, Canada, in 70 feet of water.  Williams has this game figured out.  Thanks for making such a great spoon! 

Matt Gonzales

Matt Gonzales
Matt Gonzales - March, 2011 - Mooselook

Don Pedro on April 22nd, trolled at 45ft, we caught 8 fish that night in 3hrs, I even hooked into a 3lb king. Mooselook is what I swear by. And all of the fish in these pics were caught on a mooselook!

John Upchurch

John Upchurch and Grandson Joseph Berrigan - 2012 - Whitefish lure

The photo, attached, is of Joseph Berrigan, age 13.

Pike caught at Kesagami Lodge, Canada.

Length was 43"

John Upchurch
Proud Grand Father

Mark Naddaf & Family

Mark Naddaf & Family - 2013 - Bully B60

Here are 3 photos of Pike that we got on the Bully B60. The first one is a 40" 23 lbs on a red & silver, the second is a 41" 14 lbs on a electric blue and silver, and the 3rd one my brother has is a 42" 24 lbs. Caught and released immediately near Longlac, Ontario (disregard the Lunge Lodge hat lol).

Mark Naddaf & Family

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You can submit your photos of your great catch by emailing it to me at  Please be sure to include the information you are willing to share such as how big, when it was caught, where it was caught and what you used.


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