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January, 2014 - We do not have any kittens at this time. Thank you.

C17 - Abyssinian

Abyssinian Painted Tiles

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Abyssinian Kitten

These photos are of previous kittens from the RD Ranch. The photos were provided by the new owners.

Photos provided by Penina of Sadie (from Bluebelle - 2004) & Chance (from Farah - 2003).  Photo at left is Sadie.

Duke & Ruby

Duke & Ruby
Ruby resides in LaFayette with her "brother" Duke.

Kristy has this to say about Ruby "I just wanted to let you know that Ruby is doing just fabulous. She is so funny, constantly tearing around and playing with Duke...they are like Bonnie and Clyde, always into some mischief. From the moment I brought her home and introduced her to Duke he fell in love. I was a bit worried that he wouldn't like her, however my worries disappeared when they met. They absolutely love one another; bathing each other, sleeping with one another and playing non stop. It was so cute, when Ruby was very little he used to pick her up by the back of the neck and tote her around like a mommy kitty would. :) "

Belonging to Penina - This kittens is from Farah (DOB 3/21/03)

Chance belonging to Penina

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